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FCCH Restoration Project
     Welcome to the new Fannin County Courthouse Restoration Project page.  Due to the amount of information that is being generated by this project it was necessary to move all of the information to this dedicated page to help keep everything organized.  Please bear with us as we develop and transition all of the information to this page.

Project Bid Information and Documents


Electronic copies of plans and specifications may be obtained from the architect of record:



     ATTN: Renee Bresson
          1907 Marilla, 2nd Floor
          Dallas, TX 75201


For additional information regarding standard purchasing and bid procedures please review the County Purchasing page.


RFP Fannin County Courthouse Phase II Interior & Exterior Restoration

RFP 2 for Fannin County Courthouse Restoration April-2019

RFP Fannin County Courthouse Phase II Interior & Exterior Restoration

Bid Package Addendum-1 05-06-2019 has been posted to the Building Connected. This Bid Package Addendum provides all RFP documents and Scope of Work for each Bid Package.

You can download these documents by clicking on the "Files" tab on Building connected. Please contact me if you experience any difficulties accessing these documents.



RFP 19003 for Construction Management - Awarded to Turner Construction Company 

Contract - Turner Construction Company Contract Turner Construction.pdf