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Lake Fannin Wilderness Park lies within  the 1600 acres of Caddo Grasslands. It is on the National Registry of Historical Landmarks.  The Lake Fannin Volunteers need help in continuing to raise money for renovations of the Lake Fannin Lodge, removal of foliage and maintenance of the dam area, as well as reclamation of the camping and road access areas.  The Lodge is our greatest concern.  The roof must be replaced. Residents of Fannin County, including youth groups and church organizations, as well as visitors from regional areas, will benefit from the recreational opportunities afforded at this beautiful Texas treasure.  We need your help in continuing to preserve the historical legacy left to us by the late Speaker of the House, Mr. Sam.

Picturesque Lake Fannin 2021 calendars are now available!  Please reach out if you are interested in purchasing.

For information on renting the Lodge or with additional questions, please reach out to:

Ms. Youree at: cyouree76@gmail.com  OR

Alicia Whipple at awhipple@fanninco.net 903-583-7451 or 903-814-8435