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There is currently an issue with the public records search site which sometimes causes the search to loop back to the main search page after submitting a query.  The county is aware of this issue and is working with our vendor to try and get it resolved.  In the meantime as a temporary work around, clearing the browser cache will usually return the site to a working state until the cache becomes corrupted and will need to be cleared again.

Public Court Records Search
Fannin County provides web access to its public information
for county and district court records, both civil and criminal,
as well as the county and district court calendar.

Please note the following information:
This web based system only provides access to public information or records that have been approved for internet publishing by the respective court.

To review actual court documents and open records you must contact the department responsible for those specific records to schedule.  The majority of the records are stored off site and must be physically retrieved prior to access.

This system should not be considered a substitute for contacting the proper department regarding important information. If there are any questions where it is imperative that the information is correct—for example, a court date—please contact the proper respective department to confirm and verify the information.